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Even in this electronic age , the volume of paperwork that has to be retained by a business is relentless. Valuable office or retail space is all too often used to house records that could be readily stored off site. We can supply units racked out to accommodate your paper, drawings or electronic storage requirements. 

Off Site Hire

Should you wish to locate a unit at your own site - this may be more convenient for business users who may want to store excess stock or equipment, or, for a self build or restoration project - we can arrange for a 20ft unit to be brought to you. Rental charges are as listed, with haulage to and from the site charged on an hourly basis.

Special  Units

In addition to our standard size storage units, we also have an increasing demand for specialised container to meet specific requirements. These can include side opening, double ended opening, non-standard sizes, thirty feet and forty feet and combination units up to capacities of 6600 cubic feet. Refrigerated containers for chilled or frozen food stock or other temperature sensitive goods are also available. 
Our philosophy is to find solutions to storage problems, and our business has expanded by understanding the needs of our customers. 


We are able to provide a variety of packaging materials including cardboard boxes, hanging garment carriers, archive boxes and packaging tape.
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